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Why Would You Need a Personal or Career Coach?

The world has changed dramatically in the last few years, have you made any changes to move with it? Do you know how to make those changes?  Do you need to evaluate where you are and where you want to be? Do you know where you want to be but not how to get there? 

Why would I contact Verve Consulting?

       . Self-dissatisfaction

       . Emotional discomfort/distress

       . Business re-structuring

       . Transition Uncertainty

       . Organizational Management & Strategic Planning

       . Job Placement

       . Relationship Issues  

       . Confidence building

       . Organizational Leadership Management 

If you answered YES  to any of the above, contact us at Verve Consulting and let us guide you on your way to self-awareness and improvement.

How will Verve Consulting assist me?

Through individual and or group consulting/coaching sessions, FaceTime, Skype, WebEx, seminars and or workshops, we have several tailored packages based on your need that will benefit you best.                         

Contact Verve Consulting now and be on your way to improvement and self-rediscovery now!!!

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